Your first wedding anniversary is a wonderful moment to reflect on the special memories of your wedding day, and the first year of married life you’ve experienced together. We’ve got some ideas of how you can celebrate this memorable moment in style!

What is the first wedding anniversary symbol?

The first wedding anniversary is traditionally also known as the paper wedding anniversary. Many couples like to nod to tradition when celebrating their wedding anniversaries, by incorporating the symbol associated with the year. The time will come for ruby, sapphire and golden wedding anniversaries, but your first year together is represented by paper.


What does the paper wedding anniversary represent?

The custom of celebrating wedding anniversaries is one going back many years, perhaps all the way to Ancient Rome. Various milestones are represented by different symbols, and these often increase in value over the years, taking you from your Paper to your Diamond wedding anniversary.

Some of the reasons that the first anniversary is your paper wedding anniversary have been suggested as follows:

  • Paper represents the unwritten future ahead of you as a couple
  • Paper is a modest beginning for the start of your marriage, to be built on as years go by
  • Paper can be considered fragile when compared with the gemstones of later wedding anniversaries, but this is a reminder that your marriage will only grow stronger over time.


Celebrating your paper wedding anniversary

With lots of couples now rejecting the tradition of leaving the wedding for the airport just as the party is getting going, many are now enjoying their honeymoon months after the wedding day. Because of this, by the time your first wedding anniversary rolls around, you may still be feeling that wedding glow. And why not! It’s such a wonderful time in your life, so make sure to enjoy it for as long as you can.







Paper wedding anniversary gifts

For a really thoughtful first wedding anniversary gift, we’ve got some ideas on how to wow your spouse, all based around paper gifts:

  • Create a homemade voucher book
  • Give them a jar filled with paper notes of things you love about them
  • Write them a heartfelt letter – in the digital day and age, this one means a lot!
  • Print out paper copies of some of your favourite photos. Again, seeing your memories in print is often a novelty these days.
  • Choose our paper wedding anniversary newspaper book as a one-of-a-kind gift. Pick from a wide range of regional and national newspapers to present your loved one with a personalised, embossed book containing the newspaper from your special day.


Date ideas for your paper wedding anniversary

Your wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together, and there are lots of great options for how you can mark the day. Some of our favourites are:


  • Eat the top layer of your wedding cake – if you still have it! This old custom recommends you keep the top tier of your cake to enjoy on your first wedding anniversary. Just make sure it’s still edible!
  • Buy your partner some carnations – these are the symbolic flower of your first wedding anniversary.
  • The colours that represent your first wedding anniversary are gold and yellow. You could incorporate these into the day in a variety of ways. Perhaps you could choose yellow carnations if you’re already going down the flower route.


If you’re wondering about activities for your paper wedding anniversary, you could:

  • Head to a museum, art gallery, theatre or film; these are always fun to discuss afterwards.
  • Depending on when in the year your anniversary falls (and if the Irish weather allows), you could have a picnic or go for a hike for some quality time in nature.
  • Keep it simple with a night at home. Make a nice meal together and throw on a film you’ll both enjoy.


Enjoy your paper wedding anniversary

However you celebrate, the most important thing is to take time out to be with each other. These moments are what matter most in our lives, and it’s wonderful to think back on your wedding day and at the same time look forward to the future together.


Our paper wedding anniversary newspaper book is the perfect gift to reflect on the events that shaped the world on the day you were married. It’s something you’re sure to keep forever and will only become more fascinating over the course of your lives together.