Some people just aren’t that easy to buy presents for. What do you get for your parents – two people who have given you so much – on their 40th anniversary? What makes a meaningful gift for your grandmother on her 90th birthday, a milestone event in a rich and fruitful life? Memorable Moments offers a wide range of personalised novelty gifts to commemorate a life well-lived. 

From our hardbound newspaper books reproducing Irish newspapers from a particular date in history, to our sports books, to our framed pages, Memorable Moments gifts provide a fascinating look into Irish history. You can choose between a printed reproduction of an entire newspaper, or a single framed page focusing on an important event. They’re wonderful for everyone from history buffs to sports fans… and if you have a family member who loves to watch ‘Reeling in the Years’, look no further for the perfect gift for his 60th birthday.

memorable moments novelty milestone gifts

Customised Newspaper Books Offer a Blast from the Past

The most popular novelty gifts that Memorable Moments offers are its personalised newspaper books. Choose any date from the last 100 years, and have an issue of the newspaper printed on that date reprinted and hand-bound in book form. We offer a range of 30+ national and local newspapers that you can choose from for your bespoke newspaper book, including The Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish (Cork) Examiner, and more. 

These one-of-a-kind newspaper books are hand-bound by Kenny’s Bindery of Galway, with an option for either a burgundy or dark-green cover. The date will be embossed in gold typeface, along with the recipient’s name, on the front. In addition to the full issue of the newspaper for the selected date, your personalised newspaper book will also include a unique look back at the major events of the decade. 

For €129.99, a newspaper book provides a wealth of archive material that will fascinate and delight for years to come. It’s the perfect gift to highlight a long and eventful life, by giving a detailed look at what current events, politics, art, sport, and more were like when your loved one was born. Newspaper books also make for a unique heirloom gift. Give someone a newspaper book from the year 2010, and as the years go by they can look back and remember what the world was like at the beginning of the 21st century.

memorable moments golf book novelty gifts

Relive the Greatest Moments in Irish Sports With Memorable Moments Sports Books

To be at a live sporting event for a history-making moment is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Whether you play sport yourself or you’re an avid fan watching from the stadium, the electric feeling of the entire stadium jumping to its feet to cheer is unforgettable. You will always want to hold on to that feeling of seeing the winger charging down the rugby pitch to score the winning try. The triumph of a match well won, the victorious thrill of knowing that your team gave it their all and came out on top. 

For €129.99, Memorable Moments’ Sports Books let you preserve the very best of Irish sports journalism. Printed on quality paper, sports books make excellent gifts for the diehard sporting fan in your life. They also make a wonderful gift for retired athletes who would love a meaningful memento to remind them of their glory days. Hand-bound in dark green leatherette covers, with the title and an optional personalised message embossed in gold on the front, sports books make excellent centrepieces for your coffee table or anywhere else.

Sports books are available in themes that cover rugby, golf, and GAA. Our golf books reprint reports on every Ryder cup from 1973 through 2010, as well as every major Irish win dating back to 1947, plus thrilling stories from the world of international golf. Or, if you’re more of a GAA aficionado, our All-Ireland Final Football and Hurling editions provide 300 pages of match reports, in both black-and-white and colour, of the most emotional, heart-pounding stories in the history of GAA.

memorable moments framed pages

Framed Page Focus on One Meaningful Page

Perhaps you’d rather shine a spotlight on a specific event in history. To showcase a particular newspaper article, our framed pages make a great decorative piece for your home. Choose a page from any Irish newspaper from the last 100 years, and we will send you a printout of it, mounted and framed.

These make wonderful novelty gifts to commemorate the most exciting stories in Irish history. Do you have a friend who’s a boxing fan? Get them a framed page of Muhammad Ali’s epic fight against Al ‘Blue’ Lewis at Croke Park. Are they a passionate lover of Ireland’s theatrical heritage? Frame an article from The Irish Independent on the Abbey Theatre’s special performance for its 21st birthday in 1925. 

Framed pages are especially meaningful to loved ones who actually lived through moments of Irish history. Were they involved in campaigning for an important election back in the day? Did they write a book or take part in a well-received performance? Did they close a high-stakes corporate deal that made the front pages? What better gift than to frame the article telling the story of their achievement? 

All framed pages come with a personalised greeting above the newspaper masthead, and there are a wide range of choices between national and local papers. You can choose between a full-sized print for €99.99 or half-sized for €79.99.

Bring History to Life With Memorable Moments Novelty Gifts 

From our immersive newspaper books to our framed pages highlighting a snapshot in time, Memorable Moments gifts allow you to bring the most exciting and emotional parts of Irish history into your living room.

They are perfect for milestone occasions – such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries – to remind a loved one of what was happening in the background of the original day of their lives. On the other hand, they also work as a classic piece of decor for any room of the house. They are great as conversation starters, or just as a reminder of the richness of Irish history throughout the years.

So if you have a friend or family member with a strong nostalgia for days past, consider getting them a newspaper book, sports book, or framed page. They make an excellent and totally unique gift for the historian and journalist in us all!