25th Wedding Anniversary

A 25th wedding anniversary is a magnificent milestone occasion. It’s a time to reflect on the 25 years gone by and celebrate all the memories shared together.

Newspaper Book Anniversary Gift

Newspaper Book Anniversary Gift

Transport a special couple back to the day they were married with a truly unique gift, our Newspaper Book Anniversary Gift. Beautifully bound in a leatherette cover and embossed with the names of the happy couple in gold, this stunning 25th wedding anniversary gift contains a complete edition of the newspaper from their wedding day.

Another great option is the Framed Newspaper Front Page, displaying the front page from their wedding day. See what made the headlines on that memorable day, and have it further personalised for a silver wedding anniversary with a message printed free of charge above the masthead.

If you are celebrating your own 25th wedding anniversary, it’s an opportunity to commemorate the commitment you’ve honoured to one another. Mark your silver wedding anniversary with an incredible gift to spark memories of that pivotal moment in building your lives together:


Anniversary Newspaper Book Framed Newspaper Page