30th Wedding Anniversary

After 30 wonderful years together, it’s inevitable that you and your spouse will have been through many key milestones of married life. When celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary, you’re going to want a truly special gift that symbolises the significance of your commitment to one another.

Newspaper Book Anniversary Gift

Newspaper Book Anniversary Gift

Turn the clock back to that special day 30 years ago with a completely unique gift. Our Newspaper Book Anniversary Gift makes the perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift for your spouse or for that terrific couple you know.

Celebrate a pearl wedding anniversary with a hand-bound edition of the newspaper from that wedding day 30 years ago. You can choose from a broad variety of newspapers, both national and regional.

Another popular 30th wedding anniversary gift is our Framed Newspaper Front Page, displaying all the headlines from that momentous day in your lives. The Framed Newspaper Front Page can be further personalised with a special message printed free of charge above the masthead.

These distinctive gifts are a superb way to commemorate a 30th wedding anniversary:

Anniversary Newspaper Book Framed Newspaper Page