90th Birthday Presents

At this point it really is all about the feeling you can give someone, it’s a day not only for celebration of a life well lived but also for reflection on all the days that have come before. For this reason it’s important to try and find a gift that sets the right tone and at the same time provides a meaningful connection to that person’s life.

The newspaper from the day you were born is something that is sure to set you off on that trip down memory lane. Even a quick look at the incredible events that were playing out in a very different world will quickly establish a connection and really illustrate just how incredible an achievement it is to have arrived at this point.

Buying a 90th Birthday presents is never going to be easy but why not give them a present of their past. The newspaper book is hand-bound in Kennys Bindery of Galway and includes a full edition of the newspaper from the day you were born as well as a collection of the major news events from that decade. Each book is individually personalised with the recipient’s name and date of birth embossed in gold on the cover with option to provide a birthday message on the inside cover page also included free of charge.

A slightly different take on the same thing is a framed newspaper page from any date going back to 1900. Each newspaper page is placed in an elegant silver framed with a black mount creating a fascinating presentation worthy of an 90th birthday celebration.

Whatever you choose the newspaper from the day you were born is a truly wonderful way to mark the celebration and bring their past to life and a beautifully presented and thoughtful gift.

90th Birthday Book


Unique 90th Birthday Gifts


An alternative to our newspaper from the day you were born is one of our incredible sporting collections. Available for GAA, rugby and golf and including the most exciting sport reports from the last 100 years, Memorable Moments sports history books make an incredible 90th birthday present. 

Sports History Book




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