A new baby is often one of the biggest moments in a parent’s life, and one that is in many ways life-defining. It’s lovely to honour this special life moment in a touching way. A great idea is to do so with a personalised baby gift. These days, there are lots of options out there for baby gift ideas, but we think it’s nice to do something that bit more meaningful – things that the exhausted parents of a newborn will be absolutely delighted with.

We’ve compiled a list of special baby gifts that parents to newborns will really appreciate.

Baby Gift Ideas for New Parents:

Some time to rest: if you are close to the couple, you can make yourself available to look after the baby, allowing them to take some time off, even just for a couple of hours. The couple doesn’t even need to leave the house. If they are anxious about leaving their newborn in the early days, you could help by looking after the baby while they are still there.

An adventure into the outside world: give them a voucher for a restaurant or cafe close to home for that time when they’re feeling up to leaving the house, Just make sure the voucher expiry date is long, in case that moment takes longer to arrive than they’d hoped!

A listening ear: having a baby is so exciting, but also very demanding. Lend an ear if they need to vent about how exhausted they are. Indeed, the couple might not even have time to catch up with you at all; just stay in touch and make sure they know you’re there if they need you.

Something practical & helpful: if you know the couple well and it’s not an intrusion, offer to help them clean the house, or run a few errands for them. Another great option is to pay for a cleaner to tidy up their space – they’ll be running on no sleep, so housework will certainly fall off the priorities list.

Meet them where they are: if they would like to meet you, make the effort as much as possible to slot into their timetable. They likely have a small window of opportunity to fit people in, so do you best to make it easy for them. Can you meet them while they are already out and about, ticking something off their to-do list? They’ll certainly appreciate a friend who keeps things simple for them.

Document this special time: with lots of personalised baby gifts available, there is tons of choice for how to mark the occasion. A touching idea is to gift them a lovely photo album where they can document these major milestones in the beginning of their child’s life.

A moment in history: Having a baby is easily one of the most memorable moments in many people’s lives. To mark this massive event, a truly special personalised baby gift is our Baby Giftbox. Presented in a stunning silver-plated giftbox, bestow the couple with a reproduction of the newspaper from the day their baby was born.

As the years go by, this unique baby gift will only become more intriguing, as it becomes a gateway to the past. As the child grows up, the Baby Giftbox is a gift that they themselves can appreciate into their own adulthood, allowing them to look back in time to see what happened in the world on the day they were born.

Choosing Baby Gifts and Offering Support

Sometimes the most intangible gifts are the ones that mean the most to a friend. However you mark their new arrival, make sure you provide them with the support they need at this hugely significant time in their lives.