A 60th birthday is a big cause for celebration and if you know someone hitting this milestone birthday this year, you’ll certainly be thinking about 60th birthday gift ideas.

Those turning 60 this year will have been born in 1958. If you’re looking for 60th birthday ideas to celebrate a friend or family member, it’s a great idea to personalise the festivities around the year they were born.

Famous Births in 1958

Those turning 60 in 2018 share their year of birth with some very famous faces. One of your 60th birthday ideas to celebrate their day could be to create a homemade birthday card showing their association with these big names:

  • Michael Jackson – from childhood fame in The Jackson 5, to immense success in later life
  • Prince – one of the best-selling singers of all time, with the enormous hit ‘Purple Rain’
  • Jools Holland – a pianist and composer, Jools hosts a late-night music show and the annual Hootenanny on New Year’s Eve
  • Ellen Degeneres – a comedian and actor, she is known worldwide as the host of her own talk show
  • Mark Lester – played the titular role of ‘Oliver’ in the 1968 film
  • Kevin Bacon – award-winning American actor starring in blockbusters like Apollo 13, X-Men, and Footloose
  • Michael Flatley – famous for bringing Riverdance to countries around the world
  • Kate Bush – Performer whose number 1 hit song ‘Wuthering Heights’ had an iconic and much-loved music video
  • Feargal Sharkey – lead singer of the Undertones who went on to international solo success
  • Madonna – this chart-topping singer has been in the business for over 40 years
  • Tim Burton – film director known for his unique artistic style as seen in Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Andrea Boccelli – celebrated singer of pop and classical music, with the massive hit ‘Time to Say Goodbye’


  • Roddy Doyle – winner of the 1993 Man Booker Prize and whose books, such as The Commitments, have famously been adapted to film.

Historical Events in 1958

Many significant events took place globally in 1958. Your loved one may be interested to reflect on the world events that were taking place around the time they were born.

The European Economic Community (EEC) was created, later to be incorporated into what would be the European Union in 1993. The United Arab Republic was also established in February 1958, including both Egypt and Syria until 1961.

The World Cup was held in Sweden in 1958, and the final saw hosts Sweden face off against Brazil. Brazil were victorious with a result of 5-2, and the winning goal was scored by Pelé, putting the 17-year-old footballer into the spotlight.

Also involving the world of sport, 1958 was when the devastating Munich Air Disaster took place, a plane crash which killed 23 people, including 11 Manchester United football players and club staff.

Sputnik fell out of orbit and disintegrated while reentering Earth’s atmosphere in January 1958. The first artificial satellite of Earth had been launched into space by the Soviet Union the previous year.

A new world record was set in our very own Santry Stadium in 1958. Herb Elliott set a world record for the mile, running it in 3:54.5 in Dublin. Herb shaved 2.7 seconds off the existing record which had been set the previous year in London, and his record remained untouched for the next four years.

For anyone who’s interested in days gone by, a fascinating 60th birthday gift is our Newspaper Book, transporting the reader back in time and sharing momentous events from the past.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

When a loved one is turning 60, it might seem that they already have everything they could want or need. Coming up with a fresh idea for a 60th birthday gift can be a challenge. Here’s some of our favourite 60th birthday gift ideas:

Memories: put together a photo album of key moments from their life, or your happiest memories shared together.

New experiences: give them a chance to learn something new with a class or a workshop. There’s lots of exciting and unusual options available these days.

Time together: spend some quality time together to enjoy each other’s company. You could even go for afternoon tea, or arrange your own afternoon tea at home with finger sandwiches, scones and, of course, cupán tae.

Help a good cause: make a charity donation in their name to a cause close to their heart.

Homemade hamper: create a special hamper tailored exactly to them, by filling a wicker basket with all their favourite treats.

60th Birthday Newspaper Book: this unique gift contains a full edition of the newspaper from the day they were born, as well as key events from the decade of their birth. This standout 60th birthday gift is even more personal, as it has the recipient’s name and date of birth embossed in gold on the cover.